Are You Asking the Right Questions for Your...Success?Career or Business?Professional DevelopmentFinances?Relationships?Wellbeing?Personal Development?Self-inquiry is a key skill for life and CPD

Free: Take the Questions Challenge

25 questions to increase your self-awareness

Engage in radical self-enquiry to increase your self-awareness, wellbeing and success

  • Access 100's of thought-provoking questions to boost knowledge of self and personal barriers
  • Choose questions from multiple categories e.g finances, success, wellbeing, relationships and career
  • Gain full comprehension of yourself, increasing clarity, focus and motivation.

Coach yourself using thought-provoking questions

  • Save money - not as expensive as a coach and always available
  • Access questions asked by the best life coaches and mentors worldwide
  • Set yourself challenges and use trackers to develop new habits

Answer daily questions on a range of topics

  • Keep a daily journal using questions to keep you inspired and focused
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal and choose a mantra for the day
  • Rate your mental, emotional, physical wellbeing etc.
Tony Robbins BW

Tony Robbins

World's Top Life and Business Strategist

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

Create an online journal and save answers

  • Keep all your ideas and goals in one place
  • Answer, save, edit and print questions that will be saved to your personal journal
  • No need for multiple journals and scattered ideas written on pieces of paper
  • Keep a record of your ideas and goals that you can revisit at any time online

Grow yourself using online resources

  • Full access to our library of ebooks, quotes, meditations, relaxation music, videos and podcasts
  • Browse the online courses available if you want to grow yourself even further

Questions Packs for Entrepreneurs

  • Gain clarity about business ideas and plans
  • Map your strategies for success
  • Grow your business through clarity


World's Top Talk Show Host, Producer and Philanthropist

"Ask the right questions, and the answers will always reveal themselves."

woamn self reflection

Spend time with yourself!

Ask Better Questions to Get Better Results 

1. Which area of your life would you like better results?

Choose an area of your life or business you would you like to improve and either answer single questions from 9 categories or choose a 'question pack' to answer multiple questions on a specific area.  Go to questions

2. How can answering questions help you to succeed?

Deliberately seeking and answering questions increases your self-awareness, clarity and focus.  Save your ideas, affirm your desires and learn more about yourself.  When your ideas change, you can also change your answers.

3. How is personal growth possible by answering questions? 

Questions enable you to identify, explore and move beyond personal barriers.  All coaches and mentors use questions as the foundation of transformational change, making self-awareness a valuable tool for achieving your true potential.

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Listen to our podcast as we explore questions and answers to inspire knowledge of self and personal growth 

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Sign Up

Choose to answer either single questions,  multiple questions or set a challenge

Step 2 - Login

Answer the questions using the space provided and save your answers to your personal journal

Step 3 - Update

Save, edit and share your answers in your personal journal.  Searching entries that are available 24/7

Step 4 - Choose Self-Imprrovement Resources

Choose resources to assist you with personal growth, self-improvement strategies and ebooks to help you overcome barriers 

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Janet Kaine

I use this app every day and it has given me the chance to gather my thinking and offload my thoughts.  Some of the questions are really hard and some of them I struggle to answer, but I am learning more about myself each time. 

Wayne Roberts

No more pieces of paper and journals for me!  Not just for personal development but I also use this to get to know my business side better.  I am an entrepreneur and my business is only as good as I am.  Thank you

Elaine Prince

We sat in the cafe asking each other questions and my daughter and I got through a lot of them that helped us to set our goals for the next 6 months.  There are some questions that I just don't think about but are so important.