Question Packs

Quality questions create a quality life.  Choose a template below to assist you with focusing on a specific area and conduct a thorough review or simply capture your ideas.

Complete a SWOT analysis to you with identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Then plan the actions to enable you to move forward and address areas of improvement.

In each and every relationship that you have, the common denominator is you. Answer these questions to gain clarity on what is important to you, see what you need to work on, and discover how you can be the best partner that you can be.

Our values are the things that are important to us.  They act as unconscious guidelines and principles that dictate our behaviour and actions.  Use this tool to review your values in several areas of your life.

What fears do you have that could be holding you back?  Complete these questions to take a good look at what scares you, and discover ways to overcome what might be getting in your way.


Use this question pack to assess what skills you are good at and which ones do you need to develop further.   Rank the skills on a scale of 1-10 and plan how to improve each required skill.

Prepare yourself for an interview by answering the questions in this pack.   You can improve your answers over time and conduct research and add to your answers until you have the best responses possible.

Complete this question pack to start developing your own vision and mission statement.  Imagine that 50 years have passed and you have achieved everything that you have planned.  Outline your long term goals and final destination.

What would you like to manifest in your life and why?  Complete these questions to get your mind more clear about what you want, and to focus your time and energy into making these things happen.


When did you last review each area of your life?  Your life is made up of various areas that come together to create your daily experience.  Evaluate where you are and list your next steps.

The GROW model is a framework used by many coaches and individuals to help them to gain clarity about goals.  Use this to change, improve or achieve something. Identify your goals, figure out how to achieve them, and plan the steps.

When things go wrong and you make mistakes, you have a great opportunity to learn from what has happened.  Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them.  Take some time to reflect and review what you can do differently.

What are you grateful for in your life?  Go through the different areas listed and think about the things that you appreciate. Showing gratitude on a regular basis assists you with focusing on the good things in life.

Use these questions to help you boost your confidence; to discover what is getting in your way and to develop ideas about how to overcome personal barriers and outline action steps to move forward.

Being assertive is a communication style in which you stand up for yourself while being respectful. These questions will help you work through ways you to become more assertive.


You have a vast amount of qualities, characteristics, talents, skills, virtues. Remind yourself of the things that are great about you and continue to build your confidence.


Who can assist and support you in your life to achieve success?  There are many people who are willing to help you achieve your goals in life and these questions assist you with creating an understanding of who can help and how you will benefit.

Identify and challenge your negative thoughts and self-talk that live in your mind -  to help you confront unhelpful beliefs and habits. Once you start thinking better about yourself, your confidence will soar.


When thinking about a career change or a position jump within your existing company, take some time to think about your current life, your future goals, things that may change that could help or hinder your progress.


Before launching a new business, take some time to think about your existing life, your future goals, things that may change that could help or hinder your ideas.  Map your current ideas about what type of business you would like to run.



What can you dedicate the next 100 days too?  Whether you are starting a business, developing a project, starting a new job or wanting to maintain a specific focus.  This is the question pack for you to make sure you stick it out and maintain your focus.

What does your best life look like?  Use these questions to identify all of the things you would like to be, do and have in life.  Outline what living your very best life looks like, as you deserve the best, but need to know what your best looks like to you.

What habits do you have that assist or restrict you?  Develop the habits that help you to live your best life or achieve your goals by being clear on the actions and practising them daily.