Self Coaching Cards


  1. Choose a topic that you would like to investigate and develop new ideas or insight about.  E.g. Relationship issues, Career or business blocks.
  2. Create a question to assist you with focusing and developing an answer or answers.  It's best to use open questions e.g. Why is my relationship falling apart?  What is stopping my business from doing well? etc.
  3. Flip the cards to reveal the image and word and think about how it relates to your question.

Quick Idea

Click on the card below to reveal one idea to assist you with your answer

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Breakthrough Ideas

Click to choose four random cards to assist you with working through a challenge or idea.  Remember to formulate an open question before you start.

Card 1 - The deep rooted challenge

Card 2 - The reason the challenge exists


Card 3 - A potential solution and way forward

Card 4 - The possible outcome if the solution is implemented

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Action Steps

Click on the cards to identify three actions steps to assist you with moving forward.

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